Lecture ‘Speculative design and Forests’ at VOTE-festival

‘In this intriguing lecture, speculative designer Nicole Spit will take you to the world of tomorrow. Speculative design explores plausible future design products and scenario’s based on current developments and existing recent scientific knowledge.
Nicole reflects in her art and design often on the tension between the makeable, manipulable and the idiosyncratic character of biological nature. This time she raises questions about future products in relationship to our forests. What if we could use a ‘Synthetic Tree Root Communicator‘ to interfere with the myceliumnetwork underneath the trees, the Wood Wide Web? What if we use genetic manipulated plants or animals in our forests? Should we discover the soil world underneath us like the deep sea and space? How can we merge forests and urban design?
Speculative design can be a great inspiration and discussionstarter for designers, business, students, scientists and everyone who influences the future. Thus, also for you.’

Where : Vibe of the Earth festival at the ecovillage Bergen

When: 19 and 20 September 2020

Participant of Residency program

Nicole in Corona times in Residency program of Fillip Studios and Future Based
Nicole in Corona times/COVID lockdown, in the Residency program

In 2020, during the COVID lockdown, I participated in the Fillip Studios X Future Based Residency program. I was working with a small team on an ‘Interdisciplinary Intervention’ case for ArtEZ University of the Arts and Radboud University for the minor ‘Create Space‘. Create Space offers the space and opportunity to research, prototype and share a vision on possible futures. This will be driven by fundamental questions related to the societal, environmental or scientific challenges of the next generation.

Artdrawings by ‘De Spit Smuis’ at Castricumse Etalage Kunst CEK

Art drawing 'Piet de Gruyter' by De Spit Smuis - Nicole Spit exhibited at CEK
Art drawing entitled ‘café Piet de Gruyter’ exhibited during the CEK

Art drawings by De Spit Smuis – Nicole Spit at the Castricumse Etalage Kunst (CEK) in Castricum.

With ‘De Spit’ Smuis’, focussed more on 2d work, I will exhibit in several shop windows in Castricum. (see also: de_spit_smuis on instagram)
With drawings and illustrations and collage paintings.
You can find artwork from me at:

  • On Stock, Burgemeester Mooijstraat 33
  • De Gele Vinck, Burgemeester Mooijstraat 33-a
  • Hairdresser Patrick Boots, Burgemeester Mooijstraat 18

There are also about 55 other shop windows with many other Castricum artists. Come and have a look! All summer long! The CEK is organized by Mieke Rozing, on her site you can find more information and a map with all the CEK locations.

CEK exhibition in Castricum 3 Juli – 16 August 2020

CEK with art drawing by De Spit Smuis - Nicole Spit. This drawing is entitled 'is er iets?' (is something wrong?) made during Inktober 2019
Art drawing 433 grand cafe exhibited at the CEK
Art drawing ‘ 433 Grand café’ – De Spit’Smuis

Studio Dáárheen at Future Based ‘Technological Ecology’ Meet up

Nicole Spit talking about her 'NeoBio' project in the talk about technological ecology at Perdu Amsterdam
Nicole talking about her ‘NeoBio’ project in the talk about technological ecology at Perdu Amsterdam. (photocredit :Belarofe)

Technological Ecology is the study of technology’s interactions with other technologies, with organisms and with the environment. Do we need a reinterpretation of ‘ecology’? During this meetup we will engage in conversation with four experts from various disciplines, who will shed their light on the topic of Technological Ecology; Creating creatures and the Nature of Technology. What should we expect of the next nature that awaits us? #futurebased #technologicalecology #nicolespit #perdu

NeoBio Expo & Lecture at Changemakers-festival at Cube Design Museum

Neobio by studio Daarheen can be seen at the changemakers-festival at the Cube Design Museum in Kerkrade on october the 12th and the 13th 2019.
NeoBio – A vision for the future on the influence of biotechnology on product design. Designer Nicole Spit shows the influence of biotechnology in the future in a number of art objects. During the Artist Talks, Nicole leads you, in a small group, past the alienating objects.


NeoBio at changemakersfestival in Cube Design Museum
NeoBio by Nicole Spit at changemakersfestival in Cube Design Museum

MMRY Synthesize set with ‘at home’ feeling synthesized

MMRY_Synthetisze Set_Group_StudioDaarheen

Is it possible to synthesize the ‘home feeling’ , so that that exact feeling can be
artificially generated in the brain by means of a personal neurotransmitter pill?
The MMRY set consists of six items; a Catalyst, an Extractor, a Translator,
a Converter, a Synthesizer and finally, a personalized pill.

Wouldn’t it be nice to bring that personal ‘at home’ feeling with you to wherever
you’re going? It could fulfill a need for Mars travelers or immigrants or just for
someone leaving his home.

The MMRY Synthesizer Set can be seen at the expo ‘Z.A.T. Souvenirs’ at the Kunststation Delden (March 3rd -May 1st 2019)

Opening expo March 3rd at 16:00uur

Kunstation Delden

Stationsweg 1,

7491 CE Delden


Thuisgevoel in expo bij Kunststation Delden

Nicole Spit van Studio Daarheen_Thuisgevoel_expo Kunststation Delden

Studio Dáárheen is deelnemer aan ‘Zuhause – At home- Thuis’

Thuisgevoel in expo bij Kunststation Delden. Het Tandemprojekt is een samenwerking tussen Marion Tischler/Bramscher Bahnhof D. en MIKC/Kunststation Delden NL.
De twee kunstinstellingen zijn beide gesitueerd in een voormalig stationsgebouw waar de treinen nog steeds aankomen en vertrekken.
Concept van het tandemproject is:
Een KUNSTKIOSK op beide stations met ZUHAUSE/ATHOME/THUIS souvenirs die de reiziger het thuisgevoel mee op reis geven. Het thuisgevoel op reis mee nemen, maar ook je thuis voelen in een nieuw land.
Hoe zou je dat kunnen bewerkstelligen?
De ‘Z-A-T’ souvenirs zullen laten zien hoe een souvenir kan appelleren aan het thuisgevoel of je in gedachten weer even thuis laten zijn.

Deelnemers ca. 20 internationale kunstenaars op elke locatie

NeoBio by Studio Dáárheen on the Dutch Design Week

NeoBio van Studio Daarheen op de DDW2018
Growing Vases, to envision living products in the nearby future (photo Alys van der Waarde)

De expo ‘NeoBio, the influence of biotech on productdesign’ on the Dutch Design Week. At ‘Manifestations 2018‘, curated by Viola van Alphen. Displayed in beautiful pedestals and glass displayboxes by RENZEZ.

NeoBio on DDW2018

Nicole Spit from Studio Dáárheen is concerned with trends and tendencies in society and technological developments and what the impact on product design could be.

‘In a number of alienating objects, I will show what the influence of biotechnology could be in the future. Developments in (synthetic) biotechnology are moving at lightning speed. We can already manipulate DNA and cut and paste properties of choice into other DNA. (eg with CRISPR-Cas9 technology) We can introduce modified DNA material into genetically almost empty cells, which can serve as building blocks for living material according to our own design. We see large tech companies (such as Alphabet / Google, Amazon, Tesla) making huge investments in biotech. What if these companies will develop commercial products using biotechnology?

My goal is to create awareness about this theme and to let us already think about the possible ethical objections and the influence on form and function. So that consumers, producers, designers and scientists can take this into account in their thinking process.

In addition, the project raises questions such as: What is our changed attitude towards nature, now that it is partly feasible? How does manipulated nature behave? What new possibilities are there in the mixing of cells with electronics? Should we think about applying biomarkers to trace back to the makers, in order to prevent future problems? ‘

See also ‘NeoBio in the media’

BioWatch by Studio Daarheen on DDW2018

Living Camera van Studio Daarheen at Dutch Design Week

© TextButterfly

Butterfly Wings altered with CRISPR Cas_Studio Dáárheen
‘St, ©TextButterfly’, 2018, Studio Dáárheen

detail of the wing of the 'TextButterfly "St"', ©by Studio Dáárheen in 2018

TextButterfly with message on the wings, ©by Studio Dáárheen, 2018


With CRISPR/Cas genome editing  it is now possible to alter the pigmentation of butterfly wings. This is achieved by altering the genome of the butterfly, with the result from knockout of the melanin pigmentation. What if the technique would be used for marketing purposes? Perhaps company’s would plant butterfly attracting plants at their officebuilding (or on sponsored places, in a park, in a city), like a specific ‘Budleia’ plant. When you look closely you would see logo advertisement on the wings of the resting butterflies. With pheromones you can also guide the butterflies to specific places. Instead of the former pigeonpost, they could send their butterflies to influence us with a subtle message. | ‘St, ©TextButterfly’, 2018, Studio Dáárheen