Implanted Diamond.

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EN | THE FUTURE of commercial jewelry design and body decoration:
‘I believe that in the future the integration of plastic surgery into the aesthetics of the jewelery industry is becoming increasingly important.
Plastic surgery to adapt the body to a traditional beauty ideal has already become mainstream.


Slowly we see a shift towards a more artificial beaty ideal. Instead of body shaping and embellishment, body improvement as a status symbol will become more important.
Biotechnology and the use of implanted bioelectronics will play an important role in this. Smart tattoos and implanted nano chips are a precursor to one design direction that may seem absurd to us now.


Cyborgism will also become mainstream in the future. In the design direction, in my opnion it should go further and further away from the leading form language in the game industry, but rather a more subtle minimalist design language. Whereby it is still important that the body improvement is visible, to increase the status. Perhaps clarified by a signature like a small subtle form piece of metal, a contrasting skin discoloration or a dotty tattoo.


The next step is a market for body improvement through DNA improvement or tissue implantation. Because I suspect that with the successor of our current techniques for DNA manipulation (such as CRISPR-Cas) we can achieve much more in the field of tissue implantation and will be able to consciously set up the functions of cells and even to program them, there will be many innovative possibilities. Maybe it is possible to implant part of a dog’s olfactory system for a better sense of smell, or a piece of extra sensitive skin for a better sense of touch. Again, I think it should be clearly visible that it is a body-improving operation has taken place with a characteristic of the signature of the commercial party. Or a choroplast biotattoo that is not broken down by sunlight and that can give us extra oxygen by photosynthetic reactions in the skin. A partially green face can therefore work as a status symbol. Absurd? Time will tell.’ – Nicole Spit, Studio Dáárheen 2015 |

art studio Daarheen implanted diamond

Implanted diamond. It can be placed on an abrasion between the collarbones and the diamond will be incorporated by the new grown dermislayer.

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Implanted diamond
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