On show until June 30 2024. My ‘Giant Nitrogen Nodule’ at KunstenaarsCentrumBergen in Museum Kranenburgh in Bergen Noord-Holland. I am hitching a ride with KCB member Eveline Mooibroek. From april 2024 I have become a member of the KCB KunstenaarsCentrumBergen myself.

For this exhibition, the exhibition committee had conceived a plan to give the artists affiliated with the KCB the opportunity to invite a colleague – who is not a member of the KCB – to “join in.”

The idea was to focus on young or emerging professional artists. Their works did not need to be thematically connected, and all disciplines were welcome. As a result, the exhibition is highly varied and well worth a visit.

The artists participating in “Joining In”:

Dominique Ampe (painter) + Fleur Zee | Harry Beemsterboer (photographer) + Peter van Eekelen | Wil van Blokland (ceramist) + Marianne Blijdensteijn | Eveline Braak (painter) + Emmy Beenken | Joke Burgman (painter) + Walter van Reisen | Sonja Doevendans (painter) + Rosemin Hendriks | Marianne Duif (multimedia) + Layla van der Oord | Angelique Heffelaar (ceramist) + Neely Schaap | Denise Holtkamp (drawer/painter) + André Geertse | Marinus Klap (sculptor) + Daphne Klap | Dorrit Klomp (painter) + Hilly van Eerten | Esther Koeman (mixed media) + Susan van Ham | Gerda Kruimer (drawer, sculptor) + Vincent Uilenbroek | Jawek Kwakman (digital media) + Ilse van der Woude | Eveline Mooibroek (interdisciplinary) + Nicole Spit (speculative designer) | Henk Padt (painter) + Jak Beemsterboer | Marina Rupert (painter) + Nettie Veen | Sies Vrasdonk (ceramist) + Lieselot Moed

They are presenting their work in the KCB exhibition space at Huize Kranenburgh, Cultural Estate in Bergen – address: Hoflaan 26.

Open: Tuesday to Sunday 10:30 AM – 5:00 PM.

Group exhibition ‘Meeliften/hitching a ride’ at Museum Kranenburgh