Butterfly Wings altered with CRISPR Cas_Studio Dáárheen
‘St, ©TextButterfly’, 2018, Studio Dáárheen

detail of the wing of the 'TextButterfly "St"', ©by Studio Dáárheen in 2018

TextButterfly with message on the wings, ©by Studio Dáárheen, 2018


With CRISPR/Cas genome editing  it is now possible to alter the pigmentation of butterfly wings. This is achieved by altering the genome of the butterfly, with the result from knockout of the melanin pigmentation. What if the technique would be used for marketing purposes? Perhaps company’s would plant butterfly attracting plants at their officebuilding (or on sponsored places, in a park, in a city), like a specific ‘Budleia’ plant. When you look closely you would see logo advertisement on the wings of the resting butterflies. With pheromones you can also guide the butterflies to specific places. Instead of the former pigeonpost, they could send their butterflies to influence us with a subtle message. | ‘St, ©TextButterfly’, 2018, Studio Dáárheen


© TextButterfly
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