BioTronicols‘ is the name chosen by me for products which merge electronics with living cells.

Living electronic devices. Living cells growing over and in a shell and PCB. The cells and the electronical parts communicate with each other. The product gives haptical feedback and needs to be touched. It can be charged by putting it in a bowl of nutricious gel, wich it obtains through its gills at the backside. It can also communicate with other living products out of the same range, with a cord

* Manufacturer :’Mei-Kyon living products’ Asian protocol : As2-Rev12, Genecombinationcode : Neutral(JVCI-syn7)05Pi66Sna5Bat98, Usage :Game, Lifestyle.

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Now that we all have our smartphones with touchscreens, we get almost no haptical feedback. As a response to what we are lacking, tactility will become more and more important. In these living electronical products, ‘Biotronicols’, the skin of the products is the important tactile factor. It can feel warm or cold, soft or with bumps, there are even hairs growing out of the buttons. They can be charged by putting them in a bowl of nutricious gel, wich they obtain through their gills. Maybe you can feel a hartbeat…

The Biotronicols were also exhibited in the expo ‘NEOBIO, a vision on the influence of biotech on productdesign’ at Manifestations on the Dutch Design Week 2018

‘BioTronicols’, Living products
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