This is an example of a smart tattoo. If sea slugs can steal chloroplasts from algae for functional photosynthesis, why can’t we? Could we use chloroplast tattoo`s to reduce costs on food? Or simply as a lifestyleproduct? What would it look like if it would be used in commercial GMO ‘products’. The organism is altered with CRISPR-Cas and is tattooed with a choroplast BioTattoo, wich provides extra energy.


BioTattoo, chloroplast Tattoo, photosynthesis

GMO with chloroplast BioTattoo by designer Nicole SpitGMO with BioTattoo.

(‘Manufacturer: Vancouver TechTransit. Genecombinationcode: Neutral03Har54Dog568Pole33Tur2. Protocol: N-AM4 Rev 968.Usage: field exploration , research’)

This is an example of a genetic modified organism with a smart tattoo. A herd of these animals could be used to explore harsh environments. The tattoocode can be read from a distance, for example from a helicopter or a drone.


GMO with BioTattoo
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