NeoBio Growing Vases II in Pakhuis Dekker.
NeoBio Growing Vases II in Pakhuis Dekker. (Photo credit Margo Bouwhuis)

The theme is inspired by the manageable and artificially manipulated nature. We can manipulate the organic in laboratories and send them in a direction that we impose on them. How does the organic behave in relation to the synthetic? How can we benefit from the clevernesses of nature? Can we tame nature? What will future nature look like?

NeoBio_SynthContact_Studio Daarheen
NeoBio ‘SynthContact_01’


NeoBio_SynthContact2_Studio Daarheen
NeoBio ‘SynthContact 02’


NeoBio_SynthContact 03_Studio Daarheen
NeoBio ‘SynthContact 03’


NeoBio_SynthContact 04_Studio Daarheen
NeoBio ‘SynthContact 04’


NeoBio_SynthContact 05_Studio Daarheen
NeoBio ‘SynthContact 05’
Growing Vases II
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