‘In this intriguing lecture, speculative designer Nicole Spit will take you to the world of tomorrow. Speculative design explores plausible future design products and scenario’s based on current developments and existing recent scientific knowledge.
Nicole reflects in her art and design often on the tension between the makeable, manipulable and the idiosyncratic character of biological nature. This time she raises questions about future products in relationship to our forests. What if we could use a ‘Synthetic Tree Root Communicator‘ to interfere with the myceliumnetwork underneath the trees, the Wood Wide Web? What if we use genetic manipulated plants or animals in our forests? Should we discover the soil world underneath us like the deep sea and space? How can we merge forests and urban design?
Speculative design can be a great inspiration and discussionstarter for designers, business, students, scientists and everyone who influences the future. Thus, also for you.’

Where : Vibe of the Earth festival at the ecovillage Bergen

When: 19 and 20 September 2020

Lecture ‘Speculative design and Forests’ at VOTE-festival