Art drawing 'Piet de Gruyter' by De Spit Smuis - Nicole Spit exhibited at CEK
Art drawing entitled ‘café Piet de Gruyter’ exhibited during the CEK

Art drawings by De Spit Smuis – Nicole Spit at the Castricumse Etalage Kunst (CEK) in Castricum.

With ‘De Spit’ Smuis’, focussed more on 2d work, I will exhibit in several shop windows in Castricum. (see also: de_spit_smuis on instagram)
With drawings and illustrations and collage paintings.
You can find artwork from me at:

  • On Stock, Burgemeester Mooijstraat 33
  • De Gele Vinck, Burgemeester Mooijstraat 33-a
  • Hairdresser Patrick Boots, Burgemeester Mooijstraat 18

There are also about 55 other shop windows with many other Castricum artists. Come and have a look! All summer long! The CEK is organized by Mieke Rozing, on her site you can find more information and a map with all the CEK locations.

CEK exhibition in Castricum 3 Juli – 16 August 2020

CEK with art drawing by De Spit Smuis - Nicole Spit. This drawing is entitled 'is er iets?' (is something wrong?) made during Inktober 2019
Art drawing 433 grand cafe exhibited at the CEK. Tekenkunst door kunstenaar Nicole Spit - De Spit Smuis
Art drawing ‘ 433 Grand café’ – De Spit’Smuis
Artdrawings by ‘De Spit Smuis’ at Castricumse Etalage Kunst CEK
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