MMRY_Synthetisze Set_Group_StudioDaarheen
MMRY_Synthesize Set. |  Nicole Spit © 2019

The set consists of six items; a Catalyst, an Extractor, a Translator, a Converter, a Synthesizer and a personalized pill.

Is it possible to synthesize the ‘home feeling’ , so that that exact feeling can be artificially generated in the brain by means of a personal neurotransmitter pill?

MMRY_SynthesizeSet_Synthesizer_StudioDaarheen_Nicole Spit
MMRY Syntesizer


MMRY_Synthesize Set_Extractor_StudioDaarheen
MMRY Extractor


MMRY Synthesize set. Translator


Human Connectome credit - Hagmann and Sporns
credit: Hagmann and Sporns


Memory synthesized
Memory synthesized


Wouldn’t it be nice to bring that personal ‘at home’ feeling with you to wherever
you’re going? It could fulfill a need for Mars travelers or immigrants or just for
someone leaving his home.



MMRY Synthetiseer Set 'At Home feeling'-pills by Studio Daarheen
MMRY Synthesize Set ‘At Home feeling’-pills